F. J. Duarte et al.,Organic Lasers and Organic Photonics (Institute of Physics, London, 2018).


This is a brief guide to some aspects of the literature of solid-state organic lasers. These organic lasers use dye-doped organic polymer gain media and they are also known as dye-doped polymer lasers. It should be noted that these lasers have been demonstrated to lase under optical excitation that can be accomplished either by the use of a pump laser or by the use of non-laser (incoherent) means. In all cases this pumping, or excitation, represents an indirect electrical mode of excitation. Non-laser, electrically indirect, pumping for this class of lasers was first demonstrated in 1967.

The dye-doped polymer laser has a long history and its development came in various stages that began with the basic discoveries of 1967 and continued, via the development of improved gain media, until the event of high-performance polymer narrow-linewidth laser oscillators.

First Generation Solid-State Dye-Doped Tunable Polymer Lasers

Second Generation Solid-State Dye-Doped Tunable Polymer Lasers

High-Performance Narrow-Linewidth Solid-State Dye-Doped Tunable Polymer Lasers

These compact dispersive laser oscillators have been shown to yield beam divergences ~ 1.5 times the diffraction limit and single-longitudinal-mode emission at laser linewidths of ~ 350 MHz. Emission pulses are in the ns regime at peak powers in the kW range. Continuous tunability has been demonstrated in the 550-600 nm region.

Interferogram showing single-longitudinal-mode emission from multiple-prism grating solid-state- dye laser oscillator (from Duarte (1995)). Note that these images were originally recorded on black and white silver-halide film and have been colored to approximate the emission of the laser.

Highly Efficient Organic Lasers

Solid-State Dye Laser Oscillators

Books on Tunable Dye-Doped Polymer Lasers

Distributed Feedback Solid-State Dye-Doped Polymer Lasers

Examples of Disclosed Methods of Excitation for Solid-State Dye-Doped Polymer Lasers

Recent Advances in Organic Polymer Gain Media

Reviews Including Non-Dye-Doped Polymer Gain Media

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