F. J. Duarte, Quantum Optics for Engineers (Taylor & Francis, New York, 2014)

ISBN: 978-1-43-988853-7 (Note: title released on November 26, 2013.)

Quantum Optics for Engineers includes: some 190 figures, numerous tables, some 1000 equations, many worked out examples, about 100 problems, a large number of archival references, in about 472 pages. A corrigenda is available in PDF form.

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Call number at Library of Congress: QC446.2 .D83 2014

Quantum Optics for Engineers: corrigendum


"Duarte's book is a welcome addition to the family of optics texts because he stresses fundamental connections between classical and quantum optics. His review of the bedrock theory and experiments of several of the founders of quantum physics provides an instructive transition to recent developments in quantum optics, such as photon entanglement. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this book is the treatment of classical optical concepts and phenomena in terms of a quantum formalism...Both graduate students and the experienced researcher will find this treatment of quantum optics to be illuminating and valuable...I look forward to having a copy in my personal library."

Professor J. Gary Eden, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois

"Quantum Optics for Engineers is an original and unique book that describes classical and quantum optical phenomena, and the synergy between these two subjects, from an interferometric perspective. Dirac’s notation is used ... [to] provide a lucid explanation of quantum polarization entanglement. The book will serve engineers with a minimum knowledge of quantum mechanics ... to understand modern experiments with lasers, optical communications, and the intriguing world of quantum entanglement."

Professor Ignacio E. Olivares, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

"Quantum Optics for Engineers provides a transparent and succinct description of the fundamentals of quantum optics using Dirac’s notation and ample illustrations. Particularly valuable is the explanation and elucidation of quantum entanglement from an interferometric perspective. The cohesiveness provided by the unified use of Dirac’s notation, emphasizing physics rather than mathematics, is particularly useful for those trained in engineering. This will be a valuable asset to any optical engineer’s library."

Anne M. Miller, RR Donnelley, USA

"This book is a concise and comprehensive presentation of numerous fundamental concepts related to the light nature and its interaction with matter. A very structured and logical route reveals step by step the rigorous theory of quantum optics. To some extent, the whole project can be fairly defined as unique. One of the heaviest tools in quantum optics, operator representation, is introduced in a very clear and straightforward way. Nature foundations and rather complicated mathematical tools are brought in a very elegant manner such that readers suddenly find themselves as experts in areas they would consider untouchable magic. The intriguing world of quantum entanglement is revealed via many practical examples."

Professor Sergei Popov, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


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