1997 OSA Annual Meeting

October 12-17, 1997

Long Beach, California

Supplement to Optics & Photonics News 8(8),115 (1997).

Near and far-field diffraction using Dirac's notation

F. J. Duarte


The Dirac notation has been applied to derive a generalized interference/diffraction equation. Excellent agreement between theory and experiment has been established for numerous cases of practical interest. The two-slit and 100-slit cases are considered for grating to screen distances from a few millimeters to 1000 mm.

Supplement to Optics & Photonics News 8(8), 166 (1997).

Compact multiple-prism near-grazing-incidence grating solid-state dye lasers

F. J. Duarte


Solid-state multiple-prism near-grazing-incidence grating dye lasers have been configured in 70 mm cavity lengths by use of dye-doped PMMA gain media. In these experiments we have measured single-longitudinal-mode emission at linewidths in the 300 MHz range. Results that use double-grating configurations also are presented.